About the Daughters

DaughterscollageOur beloved, eccentric, octogenarian mother’s name is Nelda. A friend once deemed her “other worldly” and provided us with a nickname which we have since used for her, primarily behind her back.

Meet the Daughters of Neldar: Mary, Carolyn and Ellen.

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DaughtersCollageHere’s how we actually look when podcasting in our pajamas.



The Daughters tell stories of getting in trouble as kids, plus wilted Christmas inflatables and sitting on fire while pregnant.

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We recommend:

Paul Spring‘s album Towards a Center

A novel by Garth Risk Hallberg called City on Fire

The Deadspin Funbag by Drew Magary who also wrote
The 2015 Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog


Waste minutes of your precious time with these ridiculous items:

70s KTel vinyl repair kit commercial

70s Kmart Christmas commercial (earworm alert)

Speaking of trouble…
This will make more sense if you listen to the podcast.